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              Mylar Tape

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              Mylar Tape

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              Mylar Tape

              Mylar Tape

              ?Mylar tape , also known as Mara tape, polyester tape , AC adapter tape, silicone tape Mara , is a single-sided adhesive tape.

              Color: colorful

              Specifications : Width of arbitrary;  length 33M; 50M; 66M.

              Thickness (mm): around 0.002 to 0.06

              Backing thickness (mm):  0.025

              Peeling strength (n/m):  Above 250

              Elongation (%): Above 70

              Dielectric Breakdown (KV):  Above 4.2

              Fire Resistance (Grade): 94V-0

              Impregnant Resistance: Excellence 

              High Temperature Resistance (C): 130


              Polyester film backing, coated with acrylic adhesive. Heat resistance, voltage resistance, good insulativity, flame retardancy.


              Widely used in switch of computer and TV machine, camera, emergency lamp, energy saving lamp, micro-engine, capacitor and kinds of wire roll and insulation bonding of power electric high and low frequency transformer.

              ?Storage Details:

              Store under normal conditions of 5° to 30°C ,away from direct sunlight  and high temperature in 40 and 75% R.H.

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              Telephone: 18616678980

              Export manager: 18962691776

              Sales manager:18068053703

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