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              Colorful Bopp adhesive packing tape / carton sealing tape / gift packing tape

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              Colorful Bopp adhesive packing tape / carton sealing tape / gift packing tape

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              • Release date:2019/07/05
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              KSY01033  Color tape

              Color tape

                BOPP PACKAGING TAPE

                 Key Specifications/Special Features: 

                ?Material: BOPP and water based acrylic adhesive

                ?Technical Data:

                Color: Various colors and designs are accepted

                       Adhesion: ≥25N/25mm
                       Temperciance: 24#
                       Permanent adhesion:>48H

              ?Features: Strong adhesion, High tensile strength, Weather-resistance, Broad temperature range, Printable, Safe and portable. Also available in low noisy packing tapes, printed           packing tapes, easy tear and crystal clear packing tapes 

              ?Usage:Packing carton boxes with automatic sealing machine, Package for export, Steadying& bundling, Protection, Used for daily life, offices, schools and factories.

              ?Packing: tower shrink pack or flat shrink pack or customized like single roll card pack or color box

              ?Quantity: 36-72 pieces/carton or customized 

              ?Storage conditions: 

              Temperature between -15 ℃ -40 ℃. Avoid the sun, rain; prohibit contact with the acid oil, organic solvents. The tape should be placed into a roll, not folded, stored too long when           turning once per quarter.

              ?Waste Method: plastic tape core recyclable after use. Obsolete tape should focus, not burning.

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              Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

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              Export manager: 18962691776

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