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              Duct Tape

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              Duct Tape

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              Duct Tape


              Take textile fiber cloth as the backing and coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. Strong adhesion, high tensile strength, protecting the surface from rust, humid-ity, water as well easy tear.


              ?Width:any size is available(usually 25/30/48/50/75mm)

              ?Length:any size is available(usually 25/30/50/60m)

              ?Total thickness:0.25mm~0.29mm

              ?Color:Red, white, blue, black, silver, yellow, green etc


              ?Technical Data

              Initial Grab: ≥16#

              Tensile strength: 62-75N/25MM

              Holding force: ≥12hrs

              Peeling strength with 180°: 8~12 N/25mm;

              Heat resistance (℃):35~180℃

              Elongation: ≥ 25%


              ?Characteristic Anti-pull, anti-grease, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, waterproof, good softnes, Convenient to use and easy to tear, high-temperature resistant, Acid-proof alkali.


              ?ApplicationApplied in Heavy duty packaging, carton packaging, Protecting,surface of machines from rust, humidity, and scratch, Carpet joining and affixing, wire and telephone wire protection, For industrial bonding affixing joining, sealing and protecting, other protection, Used for pipes, duct wrapping, heavy bonding, And temporary affixing, book revamped, file classified, handle anti-slip.

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