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              Application and description of common adhesive tape

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              Application and description of common adhesive tape

              Release date:2017-07-13 The author: Click on:

              Core tip: in the packaging and electronic products processing industry, there are all kinds of tape each tape used in different industries, has its own characteristics and functions, the following is to introduce the packing line to ten kinds of tape application and instructions in the packaging and electronic products processing industry, there are all kinds of tape each tape used in different industries, has its own characteristics and functions, the following is to introduce several kinds of adhesive tape packing line to application and instructions.

              Bopp Packing tape


              Description: BOPP tape is the base material of BOPP film, coated with water-based pressure sensitive adhesive, with low cost and wide application.

              Features: strong adhesion, strong tensile strength, good water resistance and good weather resistance, and wide range of temperature difference.

              Application: can be used in various export cases packing, the performance is firm, has certain protective effect.

              Duct Tape


              Description: duct tape is net cloth after PE resin, coated with oily made single-sided adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive with excellent early viscous force, waterproof and moisture resistance, is suitable for the weight class items of adhesion, easy tear.

              Features: strong adhesive force, easy to tear, high fatigue resistance, moisture resistant, no deformation during shear.

              Usage: suitable for weight class materials, available machine dust, moisture, scratches, etc, the protection of can joint carpet, telephone line protection, widely used in industry, also can be used in the book, folder reinforcement, non-slip, printing, screen printing, metal appliances, etc.

              Kraft paper tape


              Note: kraft paper, kraft paper tape as base material, which are coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, adhesive, adhesive force with high strength, good weather resistance, waterproof, antifreeze, easy tear, is the ideal green products.

              Features: strong adhesive force, high tensile strength, can tear, no deformation, no pollution, can be recycled.

              Application: paper, sealing box.

              Masking tape


              Masking tape is a kind of high quality level of masking tape, goffered paper base material, one-side coated rubber glue or hot solvent, with glue, remove easily characteristics, solvent resistance, water resistance, are widely used in the coating on the surface of cover.

              Features: natural color, excellent consistency, strong adhesion, no residual glue paste, recyclable and smooth edge cutting. The paper does not break when unrolling.

              Application: used for bonding, sealing, color separation and speckle spraying for spraying drying.

              PVC protective film adhesive tape


              Description: PVC protective film is composed of PVC film base material single coating, acrylic rubber or acid rubber attached with excellent performance, Zhang Lijiang resistance, good cold resistance, ageing resistance is strong, single paste, no residual adhesive, shading performance is good, wear resistance to solvent, etc.

              Application: applicable to the surface protection of various metals, such as: "aluminum alloy, stainless steel, glass spray sand technology".

              Electrician's adhesive tape


              Description: electrical adhesive tape is soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film one-side coated rubber series pressure sensitive adhesive, with good insulation performance, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistant, flame retardant high, widely used for insulation protection of electrical components and wires, are widely used in electronics, electrical industry.

              Features: strong contraction elasticity, easy to tear, easy to roll, high voltage resistance, high retardation, good weather resistance.

              Purpose: it can be used for wrapping wire, air conditioning duct and widely used in electrical and electrical industry.

              Aluminum foil tape


              Aluminum foil tape is on the surface of aluminum foil coated acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, single sided sticky, made from treated with silicone isolation of paper, has the good uv protection, prevent some chemicals, moistureproof, fire prevention performance, mainly used in refrigeration, electronic industry.

              Features: bright silver, uv resistant, fireproof, can prevent more chemical corrosion, outdoor application, good weather resistance.

              Purpose: it can be used for heat and cold reflectance insulation and insulation, can be used in pipeline, engine support, can be covered with wire in case of heat, waterproof and dustproof, etc., can also be used for outdoor work.

              Double-sided PET adhesive tape


              Features: excellent performance of base material; It has high adhesion strength to high surface plastic and metal sheet. Good temperature resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance.

              Application: suitable for the isolation and bonding of the upper and lower line of the thin film switch; High performance adhesive can be used for the long-term use of keys.

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