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              The hidden danger and countermeasure of carton packing industry in actual production

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              The hidden danger and countermeasure of carton packing industry in actual production

              Release date:2016-07-27 The author: Click on:

              In the packaging industry of various categories, the carton packaging industry, the largest contribution to the total output value of packaging. With the rapid development of the industry, carton packaging production safety issues have attracted the attention of the industry: First, the carton packaging industry used raw materials is the base paper, base paper flammable, and therefore fire safety is very important; Second, in the carton production process, The use of boilers, preheating cylinders and other pressure vessels, explosion-proof, anti-hot work, the use of high-pressure, Very difficult, so the equipment operation and maintenance and staff skills level demanding. In this paper, according to the safe production situation of carton industry, from the analysis of the main points of the existing security risks and weaknesses, put forward some improvement measures and measures:

              At present, domestic corrugated board production line, whether it is single-sided corrugated board production line or multi-layer corrugated board production line, which is mainly from the original paper frame, preheat cylinder, single-sided corrugated machine, double-sided machine, dryer, longitudinal indentation machine, horizontal Cutting machine, stacker and transport bridge and other components. Most of the connections between the units using mechanical transmission links, the entire product through a variety of transmission shaft, conveyor belt for production. Taking into account the equipment cooling, easy maintenance, most of the equipment is not added protective device, a considerable part of the rotating device exposed, if the illegal operation, easily lead to injury. This type of safety hazard includes: pulley or drive chain involved in the injury; mixer motor pulley involved in injury; single-sided machine pedal without guardrail involved in injury; drying conveyor belt conveyor into the injury; stacker export conveyor belt involved in injury; Slot device, when the paper involved in the injury; slotted knife no cover collision or involved in injuries and so on. Packing belt

              The author of a company in recent years, the occurrence of minor injuries were statistics, the results show that the involvement of injuries accounted for 50% of the accident rate, 90% is caused by illegal operations. Most of this kind of damage is due to the paper when the stick does not have to stick, direct hand paper, because the speed is too fast, the paper picking position is not correct, the arm is fast moving cardboard inertia into the belt and hot plate; In the cardboard cut, the concentration is not concentrated, forced to grasp, resulting in instantaneous hand into the sub-machine bearing, causing damage; the other is after the shutdown and no boot bell, causing involvement in injury. More part of the staff for the drawing paper, easy to send paper, will be installed in the equipment before the paper guide roller and protective bar unauthorized removal, thus increasing the risk of security incidents.

              2. Blade cut

              Carton production equipment are mostly equipped with sharp cutter, corrugated board production line with a group of very sharp vertical knife; after the cardboard, into the box production of sub-line, slotted, playing angle and other processes are equipped with sharp equipment Cutters and blades. Therefore, the carton equipment in the production or maintenance, if the violation of operating procedures, very likely to cause injury accidents.

              This type of illegal operation mainly in the five-tier production process for a single, sometimes the edge will be thin knife stuck, the operator is not a tool to clear, but by hand to deal with the results of the process of careless, hand Encountered a high-speed rotation of the slitting machine on the thin knife, causing injury accidents. According to the operating procedures, in dealing with equipment abnormalities, should be cut off after the power supply shutdown. These are obviously safe accidents can be avoided, but employees in the production process too troublesome, easy to figure and ignore the basic security common sense.

              3. Electrical short circuit

              Electrical circuit short circuit phenomenon in the carton production process is more common. Second, the wire cover is not covered, or cover the design of unreasonable, long-term movement of friction, resulting in power cord damage, causing short circuit; Third, the ground wire is broken, As the site of the work environment is not good, such as the production process of dust, shredded paper attached to the electrical, causing the control cabinet electrical short circuit.

              Electrical lines caused by the accident is often more serious consequences, ranging from burning motor, electrical parts, resulting in production line shutdown; heavy and cause fire and personnel injuries. Such as the occurrence of a business due to the power cord cover is not covered, cleaning friction often occur, resulting in damage to the power cord short circuit, resulting in five lines of cross-cutting machine main motor and knife on the servo system part of the components and encoders Burned, direct loss of nearly ten thousand yuan.

              High temperature burns

              Cardboard in the production process, the need to steam generated in the boiler through the steam pipe to the production line in the preheat cylinder, tissue paper, paper and other preheating through the preheating tank, evaporation of its moisture, thus adjusting the temperature of the paper , So that the water content of the paper to reduce and tend to uniform, and adjust the paper in the running of the tension, so that good adhesion with the corrugated paper, and thus the quality of cardboard has a pivotal role. Preheat cylinder temperature is high, up to 200 ℃ or more, the operation process will cause a slight accident accident burns. Steam pipe if the wrapped insulation layer is damaged, but also likely to cause staff burns. Especially in the summer and equipment maintenance process, such events occur more frequently.

              5. fire explosion

              Carton industry base paper inventory is very large, the general business in the hundreds to tons to thousands of tons. Occupied the reservoir area, plus cardboard, cardboard boxes, semi-finished products, finished products such as full of workshop, hit the season, such as poor logistics delivery, or equipment downtime maintenance, products, semi-finished products up, causing channel blockage. So fire safety is particularly important, then as long as an unblocked cigarette butts or short circuit may lead to a major fire accident. In addition, the printing ink, cleaning gasoline, power diesel and lubricating oil are all flammable materials, for the carton manufacturers, these items should be properly stored to prevent accidents.

              Burning boilers may explode when a part is overloaded. Even in the case of normal pressure, the pressure component itself is defective, or due to improper use caused by damage, etc., may also burst; equipment in the case of hot suddenly cold, such as severe water supply cold water, resulting in shell, Bust of the furnace.

              The mechanical properties of the material under high temperature conditions will be significantly reduced, and the elongation, elastic modulus, linear expansion coefficient and corrosion resistance will also be significantly changed, and the management will be poor, and the thin-walled cylinder preheating cylinder on the production line of five corrugated board , Operational errors or manufacturing defects will cause it to burst or even explode.

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