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              Main features of sealing tape

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              Main features of sealing tape

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              High-quality and high-performance tape even in the harsh climate, its performance is good, suitable for storage of warehouses in warehouses, container shipments and to prevent theft of goods, illegal opening, etc. Supply of up to 6 colors and different sizes Neutral and personalized sealing tape


              Instant adhesive - sealing tape is sticky.

              Fixed capacity - even with very little pressure, can also be in accordance with your idea of sticking to the workpiece.

              Easy to tear - easy to tear off from the tape, and there will be no tape stretching and dragging phenomenon.

              Controlled deployment - sealing tape can be pulled in a controlled way from the coil, neither too loose nor too tight.

              Flexibility - Sealing tape can easily adapt to the shape of the curve.

              The thin-type sealing tape does not leave thick edge deposits.

              Smoothness - sealing tape feels very smooth, hand-pressed will not stimulate the hand.

              Anti-transfer - sealing tape does not leave adhesive after removal.

              Anti-solvent-sealing tape backing material prevents solvent penetration.

              Anti-fragmentation - sealing tape does not appear lobes.

              Anti-retractable - sealing tape can stretch along the curve surface without retraction and disengagement.

              Anti-stripping - the paint will be tightly secured on the backing material of the sealing tape.

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